Department Files

Arkansas Diamond Primary Book Award Winners 1998 to Current


Honor Book: Johnson, Paul Brett and Celeste Lewis. LOST.


 1999-2000 Kellogg, Steven. THE THREE LITTLE PIGS.

Honor Book: Numeroff, Laura. THE CHICKEN SISTERS. Illus. by Sharleen Collicott.


2000-2001 Rand, Gloria. A HOME FOR SPOOKY. Illustrated by Ted Rand.

Honor Book: Gorbachev, Valeri. NICKY AND THE BIG BAD WOLVES.


2001-2002 Lester, Helen. HOOWAY FOR WODNEY WAT. Illustrated by Lynn Munsinger.

  Honor Book: Greene, Carol. WHERE IS THAT CAT? Illustrated by Loretta Krupinski.


 2002-2003 Jordan, Deloris and Roslyn M. Jordan. SALT IN HIS SHOES: MICHAEL JORDAN IN PURSUIT OF A DREAM. Illustrated by Kadir A. Nelson.

 Honor Book : Root, Phyllis. KISS THE COW. Illustrated Will Hillenbrand.


2003 -2004 Smith, Maggie. DESSER THE BEST EVER CAT.

Honor Book: Lovell, Patty. STAND TALL, MOLLY LOU MELON. Illustrated by David Catrow.


2004-2005 Salley, Colleen. EPOSSUMONDAS. Illustrated by Janet Stevens.

 Honor Book: Wheeler, Lisa. SIXTEEN COWS. Illustrated by Kurt Cyrus.


2005-2006 Wilcox, Leah. FALLING FOR RAPUNZEL. Illustrated by Lydia Monks.

  Honor Book: Duffield, Katy. FARMER McPEEPERS AND HIS MISSING MILK COWS. Illustrated by Steve Gray.


 2006-2007 Bateman, Teresa. APRIL FOOLISHNESS. Illustrated by Nadine Bernard Westcott.

 Honor Book: Orloff, Karen Kaufman. I WANNA IGUANA. Illustrated by David Catrow.


2007-2008 Crimi, Carolyn. HENRY & THE BUCCANEER BUNNIES. Illustrated by John Manders.

  Honor Book: Tavares, Matt. MUDBALL.


2008-2009 Beaumont, Karen. MOVE OVER, ROVER! Illustrated by Jane Dyer.

  Honor Book: Knudsen, Michelle. LIBRARY LION. Illustrated by Kevin Hawkes.


2009-2010 Cronin, Doreen. DIARY OF A FLY. Illustrated by Harry Bliss.

Honor Book: Rankin, Laura. RUTHIE AND THE (NOT SO) TEENY TINY LIE.


2010-2011 Larson, Kirby and Mary Nethery. TWO BOBBIES: A TRUE STORY OF HURRICNA KATRINA, FRIENDSHIP, AND SURVIVAL. Illustrated by Jean Cassels.

Honor Book: Stevens, Janet and Susan Stevens Crummel. HELP ME, MR. MUTT!: EXPERT ANSWERS FOR DOGS WITH PEOPLE PROBLEMS. Illustrated by Janet Stevens.


2011-2012 Van Dusen, Chris. THE CIRCUS SHIP.

Honor Book: Long, Loren. OTIS.


2012-2013 Birtha, Becky. LUCKY BEANS. Illustrated by Nicole Tadgell.

  Honor Book: Stein, David Ezra. INTERRUPTING CHICKEN.


 2013-2014 WIENER WOLF,  Crosby, Jeff.

Honor Book: Stevens, Janet and Susan Stevens Crummel..


2014-2015 JANGLES: A BIG FISH STORY, written and illustrated by David Shannon,

                Honor Book: THIS IS NOT MY HAT,  written and illustrated by Jon Klassen